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Bowling Backpacks from I Am Bowling

Bowling is one of the most popular sports in America, with over 65 million people reporting that they play at least once every year. With that popularity comes a thriving market of bowling equipment, uniforms, and accessories to help bowlers to boost their performance on the lanes.

If you’re a bowler, then you know that having the right equipment is essential to playing your best game. That’s why it’s important to choose the perfect bowling backpack for you.

Whether you’re an amateur bowler, a professional bowler, or part of a league, there is a bowling bag that can serve your specific needs. Even better, the team at I AM Bowling can help you find it!

The Best Bowling Backpacks

The first step in finding the best bowling backpack for you is to determine the needs that you have. For example, are you a professional bowler who has several pieces of equipment to carry from bowling center to bowling center?

Then you may need to consider the equipment that you require. If you like to have your accessories — your finger and thumb tape, rosin bags, bowling towels, etc. — close at hand, then a drawstring bowling bag may be perfect for you.

Additionally, you may prefer to use a bag that represents, and supports, your favorite bowling brand. At I AM Bowling, we offer a diverse line of drawstring backpacks for bowling balls, and soon, we’ll offer bags from the most popular brands in the industry, including:

  • Brunswick Bowling Backpacks
  • Hammer Bowling Backpacks
  • Storm Bowling Backpacks

Drawstring Backpacks for Bowling

Drawstring bowling backpacks are particularly ideal for amateur bowlers and league bowlers who regularly carry their “essentials.” They typically have room for other useful items, like shoes and a change of clothes, as well.

They’re perfect for carrying everything you need for a casual game, while conserving space so that they never feel bulky. This makes them particularly ideal for a quick game with your friends.

If you want a compact, grab-and-go backpack, then an I AM Bowling drawstring backpack is perfect for you. It packs up what you need, so that you can leave the rest packed safely back at home.

Essentials that Every Bowler Should Have Nearby

1. Spare Socks

You can never overestimate how relaxing it is to replace sweaty socks with a clean, dry pair. Replenish your endurance in the later frames by donning a soft pair of your favorite foot gloves.

2. Microfiber Towels

Speaking of sweat, microfiber towels are a great way to keep the sting out of your eyes and off of your bowling ball. Whether in the midst of a grueling competition or a fun game between friends, you don’t want to find yourself empty-handed when your ball becomes too slippery.


Shop for Custom Bowling Backpacks at I AM Bowling

No matter what level of experience you have with bowling, there is an exceptional bowling bag for you at I AM Bowling. Better still, with decades of experience in the sport, we can have the expertise to help you pick your perfect fit.
Stop using your old high school backpack to carry your bowling gear. To upgrade to a backpack bowling bag, reach out to our team today.