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Bowling Towels, Shammies, & More

There’s no question that a good bowling game requires practice and skill. However, many bowlers don’t seem to realize that there are also some simple things that they can do to improve their game even when they’re not at the lane.

One of those things is using a microfiber bowling towel to reduce slippage on their bowling ball. Fortunately, at I AM Bowling, we offer an expansive selection of diverse microfiber towels.

These soft, absorbent bowling towels are perfect for keeping your ball dry. Even better, they can be customized to represent your bowling league, your favorite team, or your favorite bowling brand.

What Does a Bowling Shammy Do?

A microfiber bowling shammy is used to keep your bowling ball dry and clean during a game or competition. This maximizes your control over your game by reducing the likelihood of slippage.

Losing control over your bowling ball can result in unsafe conditions for yourself, other players, and perhaps even spectators. Additionally, the path of your ball can be affected by any excess lane oil, sweat, and debris on its surface.

This means that professional bowlers and amateur bowlers alike can benefit from a microfiber shammy. Between throws, you can use these towels to quickly clean off your bowling balls.

What are Bowling Towels Made Of?

At I AM Bowling, our custom bowling towels are produced from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide microfibers. With 300 grams per square meter, our towels can absorb up to 7-times its weight in water!

What Size is a Bowling Towel?

The custom microfiber towels at I AM Bowling are squares with dimensions of 16-inches by 16-inches. This makes them perfect for custom branding, in addition to wiping your bowling balls clean and dry.

What Kind of Towel is Best for Bowling Balls?

Microfiber shammies are the best type of bowling towel because of their absorbency. Because our towels can absorb 7x their weight, you’re enabled to efficiently wipe off sweat, lane oil, and dirt.

Fortunately, I AM Bowling offers the best custom microfiber towels for bowling…

Our towels are ideal for soaking up unwanted lane oil, sweat, and other debris. Better still, with dye-sublimated print on one side of the towel, you have the canvas to spotlight your favorite bowling brands, leagues, and bowlers.

Fans of Storm, for example, will love this graffiti-inspired Storm bowling towel. Similarly, this Hammer bowling towel sports the perfect aesthetic for fans of the hard-hitting brand.

Other great bowling brands include 900 Global, Brunswick, and DV8. You can also represent your favorite source of custom bowling gear with microfiber I AM Bowling towels.


Reduce Slippage with Microfiber Bowling Towels from I AM Bowling

As the competition heats up, bowlers will undoubtedly transfer sweat onto the balls. In fact, excess oils from the lanes may also build up over repeated rolls.

This then creates unfavorable conditions as there’s an increased likelihood that a bowler will inadvertently drop their ball, release it at an inopportune moment, or lose control of their roll. That’s why we suggest that every bowler carry a microfiber towel to the lanes.

To find the best microfiber towel for your bowling balls, reach out to our team today.